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Millennium Film Journal - Issue 77 (Spring 2023)


“Oversized and ambitious, MFJ 77 maps a multitude of journeys that diverge, reform, and coalesce. A rift suggests a split, a breaking apart, but it also conjures up the idea of an interstice—a place between, a space of negotiation, and a site of re-imagination. It is perhaps here that we find the true impetus of artists’ moving image, not just in its resistance to tradition and convention but in its willingness to interrogate these spaces between. Throughout this issue, we find numerous articulations of in-between-ness in discussions of works that explore the relations between past and present, old and new, sound and image, fact and fiction, reality and fantasy.”(Kim Knowles in the introduction)

87 pages of in-between-ness for lovers of artist film!

Table of Contents:

Kim Knowles


The Sound of Poetry: Nina Danino’ Solitude (2022) – by Borja Castillejo Calvo
Kaleidoscope Competition at DocNYC – by Sarah Ema Friedland
In The Black Fantastic – by Stephanie Huber
Ethical Voyeurism – by Kamila Kuc
The Instrument Maker: Philipp Fleischmann’s Film Sculptures – by Christina Lammer
Our Signal: Andrew Demirjian’s We Send our Signal – by Elizabeth Lowe
Souvenirs of Frictions: Peng Zuqiang at the e-flux Screening Room – by Yanxiu Luo
Peter Gidal, The Author as Producer of Nothing – by Arindam Sen


Introduction & Contributor Bios – Vince Warne / Time Frames: Long-Form Essays at NYFF 60 – Irina Leimbacher / Currents Program 1: Field Trips – Camila Galaz / Currents Program 2: Fault Lines – Grahame Weinbren / Currents Program 3: Action Figures – Kim Knowles / Currents Program 4: Vital Signs – Nick Gamso / Currents Program 5: After Utopia – Nicky Hamlyn / Currents Program 7: Ordinary Devotion – Vincent Warne / Currents Program 8: Time Out of Mind (Notes and Citations) – Lana Lin


Thoughts from a Studio Notebook – by Cathy Rogers


From Archival Footage to Cosmovisión (Notes and Citations) – by Byron Davies
Circuit Bending Psychedelic Transcendentalism:
#43 by Joost Rekveld & Avant l’effondrement du Mont Blanc by Jacques Perconte – by Megan Phipps


Interview of Charles Atlas – by Tyler Maxin
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: A Conversation with Peter Tscherkassky – by Justin Remes


The Production of Wavelength: Remembering Michael Snow – by Amy Taubin
David Rimmer 1942 – 2023 – by Alex MacKenzie
Birgit Hein – by Malcolm Le Grice

Publisher: Millennium Film Journal / issue 77 (spring 2023)
Medium: Magazine


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