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Matt Wand - Entertaining The Invalid: 80% Falschwave Blitzkrieg!

Matt Wand has put together something that simultaneously celebrates a little heard of record shop from an obscure suburb of Manchester, its links with the late ’70s/early ’80s Manchester music scene, some of the unsung characters that frequented that far-flung outpost of cultural delinquency, and their doomed plots to bring down the musical establishment. The music itself runs the gamut of minimal synth anthems, DIY jazz punk, grey industrial sci-fi, and new wave disco crossovers. All are linked by an outsider sensibility and also a determination that any skill deficiencies could be overcome by sticking to the new born mantra of the times, “Minimalist Music for the Masses”. Matt escaped his post punk cassette culture past in the later eighties by forming the cartoon-improvising, electronic sampling beast known as Stock, Hausen & Walkman.
Features: The Anti-Mann, Schützengrabenvernichtungspanzerkraftwagen, The Un-Normalized, The Baby Snatchers, Tooters, Tweeters, Strings & Beaters, The Flying Eyes, Diskette, Kleinstein, W2F, Muscle, Wetfinger!, Technicezna Nizkotopliwa, Miracle Fat Destroyer, Arthur Appliance & The Warm Suds, Gilbert Rubêc, Low Odour, Erec-Troniq, The Alkaloids, and Infomaniac.




Label: Hot Air / AIRRAID 013CD
Artist: Matt Wand
Medium: CD
Category: .


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