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Yasser Ballemans - Manifestation – A Plea for Sense / Making Impressions

Onomatopee is a platform and publisher focusing on art projects
reflecting on communication. The foundation aims to question the context
of our designed culture through research and presentations. Every
publication (Nest) presents one artist (handpicked by Freek Lomme), whose work is shown at the Onomatopee project space (Eindhoven).  This Nest is devoted to the work of Yasser Ballemans, an artist who creates 3 dimensional volumes from a 2
dimensional material. Yasser Ballemans’ works are manifestations. These
appearances give rise to the recognition that reality, as we experience
it, is undetermined. This then provides space for reassessment of that
very experience and thus challenges us to rediscover our parameters. In
search of new worlds of experience, we can map out new levels of

Publisher: Onomatopee / # 50.4 - Nest #5
Medium: Magazine
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