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Christian Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten - I.A. Maastunnel

A very special, hand-crafted edition: a wooden pack made by laser cutting. ‘I.A. Maastunnel’ is a 21-minutes documentary in sound and moving image highlighting the hidden acoustic behaviours of the Maastunnel (Rotterdam, NL): a 500-meter-long tunnel under the Maas river. It contains a USB pendrive with a video (HD movie, stereo, 21’09’’), including bonus audio tracks, and a cassette with the soundtrack (raw field recordings without electronic effects, about 30 minutes in total). Existing maps of the tunnel were the inspiration for the design by Yoana Buzova.

The Maastunnel was explored through sound-walks, performative interventions, and by recording sounds using ambient microphones, homemade contact microphones, electromagnetic antennas, and a hydrophone.

You can watch the trailer here.
The directors of this project,Christian Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten of Aloardi, made this in 2015 as part of their project ‘Invisible Architecture’. The publication dates from 2019.



Label: Aloardi / Aloardi 2019
Medium: Art Object
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