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John Butcher & Ståle Liavik Solberg - So Beautiful, It Starts to Rain

35 minutes, three mesmerizing tracks, recorded August 2015 at Cafe Oto, London by James Dunn.

John Butcher – soprano & tenor saxophones.
Ståle Liavik Solberg – drums & percussion

“The saxophonist covers the line between ongoing intensity and pure nudity. The contrasts are clear and the twists and turns surprising. Butcher is concerned with the sound itself, what he can squeeze out of the soprano and tenor saxophone, and what we hear on the album, he has total ownership in. He snatches out phrases and routes out tones. Butcher has a whole animal kingdom in the saxophones.
He shares the touch with the project with Liavik Solberg, who also conducts sound production of creative brands. The two mirror each other and fill the music with meaning through sharp communication. An embarrassing expression from Butcher gets soft reception from Liavik Solberg’s lazy cymbals. A rippling stream from the percussionist meets himself in the saxophone.
Then you can ask if the two say something new! The answer is yes, all the time. Not in the sense that the field of expression itself is unique. It is in the details and the many combinations that the peculiarities offer themselves.”
Arild R. Andersen – Jazz i Norge.

Label: Cleanfeed / cf390
Medium: CD
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