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Jean-Claude Loubières & Darko - Beau Comme 001 | Surrender par Darko

Book artist Jean-Claude Loubières is known for his intuitive work; he is a gleaner of the everyday life, giving a second life to scraps of documents left in newspapers and archives.  Centre Daily Bul & Co (La Louvière, Belgium) held an exhibition of his work in 2021, and invited sound artist Darko to collaborate with him for this very special vinyl + graphic art edition. One side of the record has sound, the other has etchings. The grooved side has 20 sound loops pressed as lock-grooves in the vinyl. Half of them are synth sounds, half of them were recorded in Loubières’ silkscreen printing studio, so you hear the sounds of the squeegee, the ink cans, the paper.. On top (and this piece I liked particularly!) is a 10 minute sound composition by Darko, called “Melt”. Mesmerizing…

Label: Centre Daily Bul & Co / Collection Bul d'Art
Medium: LP
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