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Mike Riemel (Ed.) - Flyer Soziotope. Topographie einer Mediengattung

The topography of a media genre. The flyer is the ideosyncratic expression of urban youth culture. Not only a reflection of the Zeitgeist, but also an instrument of mobilisation and a platform for experimentation in design. It tells us a lot about where we’re at. Fashion, music, art, politics, news, graphics and literature are all incorporated in the production of a flyer. This bulky standardwork , a bilingual (English/German)edition, first appeared in 2005 world as a collaboration of the archives for youth culture in Berlin and Barcelona, documenting the (worldwide) flyer culture of the past 25 years. A veritable fyer database with 280 pages text, ranging from interviews to analyses and 2500 images. Insiders’ knowledge from the pros to anyone interested in graphic design, youth culture and visual communication.

Publisher: Mikea / ISBN: 978-38-6546-032-5
Medium: Book


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