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Alexander Kluge - Die Poetische Kraft Der Theorie & Alle Gefühle Glauben An Einen Glücklichen Ausgang

The Poetic Power of Theory: Aristotle, Heidegger, Spinoza, Marx, Nietzsche, Kant (“What Does it Mean to Orient Oneself in Thinking?”). Seven examples taken from 200 television reportage programmes. “One must take that which is of significance outside of television and introduce it into this medium without compromise.” This is particularly true of the gentle violence of theory. The Gentle Cosmetics of Light: Eight one-minute films in large 65mm format. Somewhere between the 65mm film format and the tiny yet robust images of a laptop computer lies the future of film. In addition, a feature film from 2008, The Magic of the Darkened Soul, a film installation for 5 projectors and a documentary film about Alexander Kluge by Angelika Wittlich: All Emotions Believe in a Happy Ending.


“Ort und Zeit ohne Grund ist Gewalt” 1998, 6′
Spinoza und die Modi Gottes 2007, 15′
Was heißt “guter Wille”? 2007, 24′
Der “Mehrwert” & seine Bilder 2005, 20′
Nietzsches fröhliche Wissenschaft 1999, 15′
Der Mond ist aufgegangen 2005, 15′
Selbstdenken 2005, 24′
Die sanfte Schminke des Lichts 2007, 13′
Texts by Alexander Kluge as ROM features
16page booklet with texts by Alexander Kluge


Der Zauber der verdunkelten Seele 2007, 49′
Mehrfachbilder für 5 Projektoren 2008, 23′
Alle Gefühle glauben an einen glücklichen Ausgang 2002, 78′
Two new books by Alexander Kluge and an index of the whole Kluge edition as ROM features

Label: Filmmuseum München / EF34
Medium: 2DVD
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