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Rudi Mahall / Axel Dörner / Jan Roder / Uli Jennessen - Die Enttäuschung

In english: ‘The Disappointment’.
Here are some phrases from a review by Derek Taylor: ‘This album, their fourth, marks a redirect to their own compositions though ample amounts of Monk and Ornette are still audible in the corkscrew freebop that springs from their own pens and instruments . . . Dörner carves modest space for extended techniques, threading in dissonant texture-based detours amidst the more structured playing on pieces like “Vorwärts – Rückwärts”. The fit is ramshackle in spots, but the relative coarseness undercutting some of the charts works to the quartet’s advantage in sustaining improvisatory friction .. . Mahall and Dörner make for an uncommonly attuned pairing, particularly in the area of pitch production with the Mahall”s upper and middle register work on bass clarinet sounding oddly akin to an alto saxophone. Only sparingly does he revel in his reed’s cavernous capabilities and I found myself wanting for more of such ribald manuevers on occasion. Roder and Jenessen are similarly suited to each others sensibilities on the rhythmic side, but the more galvanizing interplay often transpires between the horns.’

Label: Intakt / 125
Medium: CD
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