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Davide Tidoni - Touch Of The Pops

Tidoni has very specific interests in the ways sounds and spaces interact. I knew about his fascination for balloon popping as I once participated in an early morning experiment on a city square… This work documents a series of directly experienced balloon pops. Each pop was performed using a balloon and a location. All locations were encountered separately by chance and chosen for their unique acoustic response. The recordings presented in the book (on a 10-track CD and via a download code) are intended to document the action of popping, its situatedness, immediacy, and physicality.

What makes this extra attractive is the visual design by Tidoni together with Marzia Dalfini! A really nice little leporello book with silkscreen on off-white, thick paper, 16 pages.
dimensions: 110×150x6mm
first edition 2018: 64 copies

Medium: Book + CD


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