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Copenhagen Clarinet Choir - Organism

An ensemble that works at the intersection of composition and improvisation. Led by Irish woodwind player and composer Carolyn Goodwin, the clarinet sextet takes an egalitarian approach in the way it assembles its players. In the music of Organism, interdependent parts find an overall shape as organically as a living entity. Much like a choir, the individual voices of the six homogenous instruments are synergized, creating a warm, pulsating body of sound.

Goodwin says, “There is a strong feeling of unity that comes from everyone playing the same instrument and producing one sound together. As an instrumentalist, it allows you to dissolve into the combined body of sound, much like one does in a vocal choir. It creates a tangible physical connection between each of the players, and it allows us to explore the clarinet as an extension of the body- through breath, fingering and posture.”

“Organism” strikes an often elusive balance between what is pre-determined and what is spontaneous, a balance that classically trained Goodwin admits is a constant occupation for her and is what led her to form Copenhagen Clarinet Choir. Exploring compositional ideas within the field of improvised music, she uses the ensemble to experiment with various sound concepts such as the representation of patterns found in subaquatic movement, swarming of insects and flight patterns of birds, and to investigate the ever-dissolving line between her role as composer and performer.

“There’s a collectivism in Irish culture expressed through its strong sense of community, which probably has its roots in traditional Catholic practices. I strive for the same sense of intimacy in my musical expression.” Intimacy prevails throughout the music of Organism.

Members of the ensemble

Copenhagen Clarinet Choir are: Anders Banke (DK), Francesco Bigoni (IT), Maria Dybbroe (DK), Jonas Engel (DE), Carolyn Goodwin (IE) and Henriette Groth (DK).

1. Organism 09:05
2. Flocking Part 1 02:57
3. Flocking Part 2 04:37
4. Hive Mind 04:46
5. Three Movements- Mvt.1 04:27
6. Three Movements- Mvt.2 02:02
7. Three Movements- Mvt.3 03:23
8. Water Piece 06:10
9. An Old Song, Resung (The Salley Gardens) 04:51


Label: År & Dag / AD10
Medium: LP
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