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Jozua Zaagman - Comfortzone and Disillusion #4 – From Here to There – Reality Mappings

Jozua Zaagman has a thing for spaces, little pockets of space within the public space, where informal things happen. And true to someone who loves mapping, he travels a lot. In this Nest he brings together a lot of data, by means of photographed images (of such spaces) and by charting the urban areas of the town and cities of Montreal, Barcelona, Calaf, Manresa, Eindhoven and Napoli. The places are generic: informal sex spot, illegally dumped waste (set on fire), informal place to sleep, allotment, informal dwelling, boarded up empty buildings, and the like. The maps are intricately detailed and full of information (of both formal and informal phenomena). Part B of his Atlas of (In)formality covers a different area: the Euregio Meuse / Rhin. This was charted by cycle trips and by walking. Again he notices the human imprints of people: the location of brothels, swingers clubs, call shops and night shops, billboards and surveillance cameras (a.o). Through the vast amount of information he comes up with, Jozua Zaagman tells the story of us people and the public space.

Publisher: Onomatopee / # 50.8 - Nest #9
Medium: Magazine


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