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Susan Kozel - Closer

Live performance practice, digital technologies and the philosophical approach of phenomenology form the perimeters of this ambitious study of the interaction of the human body with its environment. The performative acts of sharing our bodies through digital devices require a rethinking of old ideas. Reworking the phenomenology of the French philosopher Merleau-Ponty, Susan Kozel outlines the possibilities of performing in a range of computational systems: telematics, motion capture, responsive architectures, and wearable computing. The essence of Closer is, perhaps, that “what we construct with our digital devices are identities and differences. These flow beyond the moment of exchange with the digital data and are carried with us. The body has an extraordinary capacity to retain traces, and knowledge and actions are shaped in part by these traces”.

Publisher: MIT Press / ISBN 978-0-262-11310-6
Author: Susan Kozel
Medium: Book


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