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Christoph Rütimann and Fredy Studer - Cactuscrackling

Oddly enough, this spiky vegetation provides the basis for a surprisingly versatile ready-made sound source. This series of 25 collectively improvised sonic snippets are clattering, chattering, jabbering snap-shorts; from thundering tribal stomps to delicate, pointillistic patter. This group approaches improvisation by combining and juxtaposing elements of sound textures, timbres, desities, and velocities, each player exploiting the percussive nature of his instrument. We think this session is realy worth checking out. Participants are: Christoph Rütimann – cacti, Fredy Studer – drums and perc, Bobby Burri – bass, Stephan Wittwer – e-guitar, Phil Minton – voice.

Label: For 4 Ears / CD 411
Medium: CD
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