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Various Authors - Ballong Magasinets Lydbok (Soundbook)

BallongMagasinet is an artist run initiative that has produced and fomidlet Norwegian and international sound art in and outside the art world since 1996. BallongMagasinet celebrates 10 year anniversary with the release of audio books, an anthology that examines how sound and sound art can express themselves on paper – in text and pictures. Visual artists, composers, writers, dancers and poets contributed essays, visual poems, plays, performances and music in book form, as well as an alphabet based on sounds of the universe. How best to listen to sound art? This has been the underlying goal of asking BallongMagasinet 10-year-old practice and has been explored through the cycle. In Norwegian language with short summaries in English.

Publisher: Torpedo Press / ISBN: 978-28-997365-2-7
Medium: Book


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