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Mattin and Taku Unami - Attention

”Attention” is an attempt at addressing the listener directly, making him/her engage in a process of self-reflection. It suggests that any listening experience is mediated both by the context and the choices made by the listener, which alter the meaning of the work and become part of the creative process, even if people at the top of the music production chain – musicians and producers – might say it is not. When you listen to a cd of improvised music, where is really the improvisation taking place? Many would say that improvisation happens only among the musicians while recording the cd. The musicians spontaneously create a musical piece in the moment of playing, that the audience is supposed to then simply enjoy and appreciate through the recording- especially if they have paid for the cd. this way of thinking favors clearcut boundaries between producers and consumers.

Label: Hibari Music, hibari / h.m.o/r 03
Medium: CD
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