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Marcel Ruijters - Alle Heiligen

Marcel Ruijters continues his series of devotionalia with a graphic account of the lives of medieval nuns, who became everlasting models of sanctity. A reinterpretation of the well known vita, this collection shows the trials and tribulations of the Holy women before attaining Sainthood. St. Sceptica, patron saint of the critical mind, exposes a deceitful devil; St. Plagiariaria heals the infirm with her own relics; St. Lydwine (of Schiedam !) loses her voice during a retreat; St. Drausina beats Death at a game of dice; St. Nonnita fights the heretic Blemmyae, survives the Black Death, and experiences the gateway to God. Ruijters draws a picture of abstinence, self-sacrifice, prayer, endurance and the victory over evil. A robust tome, Beautifully detailed and full of interesting facts on how to lead a righteous life. Printed in 2013 in a limited edtion of 600 copies.

Publisher: Sherpa / ISBN: 978-90-898805-4-3
Medium: Book


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