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Musicworks - #84 (Fall 2002)

Long-running high quality sound art & music periodical from Canada. This one is from 2002 but the topics are timeless aren’t they.

Janet Cardiff: Step and Breath, Space and Body Motin in the Experience of Music, by Eleanor Stubley
John Rea: The Underlying Madness of King John, by Marc Couroux
Anne LeBaron’s Artistic Engagement with a Mississippi Community – Bringing It All Together, by Kathryn Gleasman Pisaro
Annea Lockwood – From Burning Pianos to sound-mapping the Danube, by Jennifer Hymer
The Manlicher Carcano Radio Hour – Making No Noise, by Ellen Waterman
Maria de Alvear – the Magic of Asking, by Linda C. Smith, Anne Micheals, Maria de Alvear, Eve Egoyan and Doina Popescu
Nownotes: Future is Past is Now, by Udo Kasemets

Sounding the Margins, Pauline Oliveros at Seventy, by Tom Djill
Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV), by Francois Couture
Quatuor Bozzini plays Malcolm Goldstein, by Udo Kasemets
Vancouver New Music Festival, 2002, by Colin MacDonald
Festival of Music by Women, Ottawa, 2002, by Elma Miller
John Butcher, Dylan van der Schyff, Vinie Golia, Greg Kelley, Christoph Gallio, Rent Romus (CDs), by Ken Waxman
Ross Daly, Djamchid Chemiranic, Irshad Kahn (Music from Afganistan), Pandit Bhajan Sopori (CDs), by Randy Raine-Reusch
Shar, Judy Dunaway, Trixa Arnold, Ilja Komorov (CD), by Scott Wilson
Essential Cowell, American Folk Song by Rugh Crawford Seeger, Istvan Anhalt (books), by Udo Kasemets

Asking (excerpts), by Maria de Alvear
Looking At Both Sides of a Question (excerpts), by Anne LeBaron


The Three “Traumerei” Variations, Time and Again (excerpt), by John Rea
Traces of Mississippi: And We Ride, A Poem to Myself, Rap Section #2, I Dream a World, by Anne LeBaron
Ear-Walking Woman for Prepared Piano; Thousand Year Dreaming for Ensemble, by Annea Lockwood
Asking (excerpt), by Maria de Alvear
Infinite Monkeys, by Mannlicher Carcano

Label: Musicworks / 84
Artist: Musicworks
Medium: Magazine + CD
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