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BLIK - 2.1

BLIK is the student journal for audiovisual culture of the Departement Media and Culture Studies of Utrecht University. All the contributions in this edition of BLIK centre on the disparity between media theory and everyday practices. They all in some form critically evaluate the extent to which media theories’ claims about (digital) medias’ limitless possibilities can be realized when looking into specific technologies and platforms with scrutiny. The interviews and articles in this issue touch upon many of the same problems, of which participation and creation of manipulation seem to return as important tropes. content:
Dieter Mersch, Digitalization: The bizarre god of our age / Michal Kobialka, There are no easy answers / Mirko Schaefer:Participation inside? User activities between design and appropriation / Nora Wellhausen: Writing (about) fashion: yes we can! / Asher Boersma: Welcome back Comrade! / Shirley Niemans: The GUI and the work place – contextualizing the transfer problem.

Publisher: Stichting BLIK / ISSN 1877-5802
Author: BLIK
Medium: Magazine


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