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Radical Philosophy - # 185 May/Jun. 2014

The reader of this late spring issue of RP is struck by the in memoriam of Stuart Hall (1932-2014). However, the cover photo seems to hark back to another era. Not so much a portrait as an effigy, it shows an aging Charles Darwin in a chance meeting with Albert Einstein (not included), staged in the museum of Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona, 2012. Eerily real. As is the fictional monster that appears in the television serie Dexter. Mark Neocleous discusses the power of the monstrous in The Monster and the Police. Appearing in the dossier Blanqui’s Eternal Gap, the preface Jacques Ranciere wrote to Eternity by the Stars (1872) dating from 2002, the article Auguste Blanqui, Heretical Communist by Daniel Bensaid & Michael Lowy (originally published in French) and a discussion of Blanqui’s Bifurcations by Peter Hallward. The commentary focuses on the here and now: the matter of Scottish independence. Neil Davidson gives a non-nationalist argument in favour. The Reviews section features pieces on Balibar’s Saeculum, Paul Scheerbart’s Lesabendio (1913) and McNally’s Monsters of the Market, to name but a few.

Publisher: Radical Philosophy Ltd. / 185
Medium: Magazine


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