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Radical Philosophy - # 180 July/Aug. 2013

Martin Marino opens with a commentary on the legacy of Hugo Chavez. Can Chavismo exist after Chavez ? David Cunningham zooms in on Deadwood, a HBO-network series set in 1876, during the last years of the ‘Bonanza frontier’ just prior to the historical Deadwood’s annexation by the United States. Describing the narrative implications of the historical novel and the genre of the Western, he demonstrates (with the help of dialogues featured in the series) that Deadwood narrates a specific past as a ‘prehistory’ of this capitalist present. Alberto Toscano discusses the merits of T.J. Clark’s proposition of transposing left politics into a tragic key. Simon Morgan Wortham addresses Maurizio Lazzarato’s The Making of the Indebted Man: an Essay on the Neoliberal Condition. Then there’s the reviews and the obituary for Gillian Howie (1965-2013).

Publisher: Radical Philosophy Ltd. / 180
Medium: Magazine


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