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Radical Philosophy - # 183 Jan/Feb. 2014

Boring cover, but exciting content. Starting with the eulogies for Marshall Berman (1940) and Lou Reed (1942-2013). Also an article on the much mentioned D-word: Drone Geographies by Derek Gregory. The commentary, Kleptography, is by Finn Brunton. In a nutshell: it’s about keeping secrets secret. More so: it’s about total knowledge and information dominance through technology and manipulation. Finn Brunton discusses the finer details of cryptosystems. Peter Hallward digs into Howard Caygill’s On Resistance. A Philosophy of Defiance. Extra, extra read all about it ! draws attention to contemporary art. Antonia Birnbaum argues that contemporary art is postconceptual art. In the Reviews’ section: 2 of Sloterdijk’s works are looked into critically, and under the header “Satan is boring” a review of Spam (Finn Brunton) and Evil Media (Fuller & Goffey).

Publisher: Radical Philosophy Ltd. / 183
Medium: Magazine


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