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Asuna and Fumihito Taguchi - 100 Keyboards and 100 Record Players

Amazing project that these two Japanese sound artists presented in a space in Carrot Tower, Setagaya, Tokyo in 2016. Asuna placed the 100 (mainly toy) keyboards in concentric circles and got them going one after another in one long, layered chord, while in the outer circle 100 cute portable record players, all played the same record with sea wave sounds on them. The CD is packaged in a large format poster with on one side a photograph of the complete installation and on the other side a detailed floor plan with each instrument and its specs. These people did take the job seriously…

Asuna is known for his brilliant performances with a host of mechanical and electronic small instruments, but his host of Casio, Yamaha, and many other cheap brands of toy keyboards is impressive too. Fumithito Taguchi apparently is a record shop owner and collector of portable record players so this was a great collaboration.

The performance was recorded and mastered by Taku Unami and is more than 70 minutes long! A delightful trip.


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