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Reinaldo Laddaga - Things That A Mutant Needs To Know

Not completely new, but in a good condition!

Extraordinary project for Unsounds, where reading and listening go hand in hand.

  • Fifty-five short tales by the most diverse authors (from Lucian of Samosata to Virginia
    Woolf, from Emmanuel Swedenborg to Blaise Cendrars) tell stories of
    walking trees, burning dresses, illnesses mysteriously cured and deaths
    surprisingly reversed.
  • Fifty-five brief music pieces composed by Christine Abdelnour, Claudio Baroni, Justin Bennett, Silvia Borzelli, John Butcher, Alan Courtis, DJ Sniff, Barbara Ellison, Machinefabriek, Ron Ford, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne Laberge, Reinaldo Laddaga, Francisco Lopez, Andy Moor, Gabriel Paiuk, Santiago Santero and Felipe Waller. Listen to the music, read the tales, and, if possible, listen to the music while reading the tales, because sounds and texts mirror each other in sometimes direct, sometimes oblique ways.

The book comprises 10 original illustrations by Isabelle Vigier who is also responsible for the design.

Publisher: Unsounds / 38U
Medium: Book + 2CD


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