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Stephane Rives - Fibres

7 soprano saxophone solos .. haven’t we heard that before from the likes of Evan Parker, John Butcher et al? Circular breathing, microtones, pad pops etc? Yes, but again really different & personal & with an intensely focused deliberation.

A Review

“Fibres brings together seven circular-breathing soprano saxophone solos, grouped by Rives into three categories. The two tracks classified as Larsen et le roseau feature a stream of breathy emissions underlying a separate continuous high-pitched line shifting in frequency and intensity as a result of what appear to be both controlled modulations and the inevitable irregularities in the demanding process of simultaneously breathing in and blowing out. In the three Granulations the high-pitched line is dispensed with in favour of an exclusive focus on the microscopic world of unpitched respiratory flows through the interior of the saxophone. The final group of two tracks that bear the title Ébranlement (harsh) are rather more difficult to describe, and perhaps the siren-like Ébranlement #1 and the stridulous Ébranlement #2 ultimately share little more than a certain quality of harshness. However that may be, Rives’ work across the CD is uniformly excellent.” (Wayne Spencer for Paristransatlantic)

Label: Potlatch / P303
Medium: CD
Category: .


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