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Lara Schrijver - Radical Games – Popping the Bubble of 1960s’ Architecture

Through three radical critiques of Modernist architecture, illustrated by the iconic–and very different–works of the Situationist International, Venturi Scott Brown and Archigram, Radical Games offers new perspectives on the architecture of the 1960s. It illuminates some of the pitfalls of contemporary architectural thought and questions a number of preconceptions that remain with us from the prevalent discourses of the 1960s. Perched on the cusp of Postmodernism and global capitalism, the critiques in this volume demonstrate a perceptive understanding of Modernism, as well as contemporary conditions, such as our increasingly image-saturated society. It is also clear, however, that these radical projects were so entwined with Modernism that the architectural conversation of the 1960s was driven to an impasse, which the contemporary debate has not yet been able to escape.

Publisher: NAi010 Publishers / ISBN 978-90-5662-678-5
Medium: Book


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