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Various Artists - Pure-No End Of Vinyl

Pure’s 1999 Mego release The End Of Vinyl Re-imagined by Pure himself plus 9 other artists including Cindytalk, Pita, Christoph de Babalon, Current 909,@c, Arturas Bumšteinas, Goner, JSX [Jorge Sánchez-Chiong], Opcion and Rashad  Becker.

“Crónica’s 78th edition presents Pure’s classic the.end.of.vinyl, originally released by Mego in 1999. Long out of stock, this was Pure’s first output after the switch from analogue hardware to software and also his first work focusing on the pure listening experience instead of dance music.
the.end.of.vinyl is not a manifesto against vinyl records, rather a mention to the sources used in the composition, taken from various run out grooves. Fourteen years past, these two pieces are now redistributed in digital format and are the starting point for the ten compositions in the upcoming release No End of Vinyl.”

Label: Crónica / Crónica 079~2013
Medium: CD
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