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Various Artists - Open 2012 /No.23

Dutch edition. Autonomie. Nieuwe vormen van vrijheid en onafhankelijkheid in kunst en cultuur. Can autonomy be a means to reinforce the public relevance of art and culture? Open 23 examines this question and discusses new forms and meanings of autonomy for artistic and cultural practice. In this time of ideological and political
crises, in which people and things are increasingly thrown back on their
own resources, autonomy is becoming attractive again. But how does
autonomy, the wish to take matters into one’s own hands and have
significance independent of old structures, relate to the call for
engagement and performativity? This issue, made in collaboration with
Sven Lütticken, examines autonomy from the standpoints of art, art
history, philosophy, political theory and cultural criticism, and
attempts to escape the limitations of thinking in terms of engagement on
the one hand and autonomy on the other.

Publisher: NAi010 Publishers / ISBN 978-90-5662-857-4
Medium: Book


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