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Marieke van de Ven - ZAND

Marieke van de Ven is one of the most interesting sound artists in the Netherlands that I know. She creates sound walks, audio stories and electro-acoustic compositions. Via field recordings, abstract sounds, interviews and text, she explores the relationship between sound and storytelling.

ZAND is the result of Marieke’s research project into sand as material, as concept and as sound. The compositions go from subtle grain structures to colossal layers of sound and back again. A movement, a duration, a route.

ZAND is sound, text, print and microphotography.

1. Veelhoekige Vormen 10:02
2. Ruisend en Suizend 02:35
3. Verschuivingen 18:42

Label: Own / yum
Medium: Printed matter + Download
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