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Luis Guerra - Wandering Echoes

Wandering Echoes veers between philosophical thought and poetic experimentation, asking for a reading by way of multiple and meandering lines. Underpinning the book is a profound engagement with Fernand Deligny, whose work with autistic children in the 1960s and 70s posed a more experimental understanding of the diversely abled. Wandering Echoes is a work under the influence of Deligny, amplifying his gestural philosophy through lines of thought whose echoes and vibrations lead into a labyrinthine text of personal experience, soft moments and deep restlessness. Subtle and demanding, the book is ultimately an act of poetic-doing which, for the author, enables emergent forms of solidarity.
Luis Guerra (born 1974 in Santiago of Chile) is a Chilean visual artist, philosopher, and poet living and working in Barcelona. He is associate professor of aesthetics at BAU University Centre of Design Barcelona. As a visual artist, his work revolves around the imaginary line that Western culture has created between art and philosophy.

Softcover, published in 2022, 204 pages)

Publisher: Errant Bodies Press / ISBN : 9783982316611
Author: Luis Guerra
Medium: Book


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