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Israel Martínez - Dead People Whispering to Us

A poetic, “necropolitical” view of sociality in Mexico.
Moving across a range of sites and situations, Dead People Whispering to Us is a book of stealth, where the author’s listening-writing practice attends to the disappearances and invisibilities shaping much of contemporary life. Author and artist Israel Martínez writes his own book of the dead, chronicling the necropolitical reality in Mexico through a persistent belief in social change realized between friends and strangers. The dead, for Martínez, become guides toward a form of poetic activism.
Israel Martínez (born 1979 in Guadalajara, Mexico, lives and works in Mexico City) reflects upon several social topics through sound and music, and their relation to image. He has produced multi-channel sound installations, video, site-specific projects, actions, graphic works and publications.

Softcover, published in 2022, 144 pages.
Publisher: Errant Bodies Press / ISBN : 9783982316604
Medium: Book


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