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Noxagt - Turning It Down Since 2001

Noxagt (a group significantly influenced by the noise assaults of duos like Lightning Bolt) adds a viola to the bass and drums doomsaying on its debut. It makes for a sound that is as dark and monolithic as it is heavy. On Turning It Down Since 2001, Nils Erga’s viola playing is hardly traditional — but the experimentalist manages to coax all sorts of scraping, distorted noises out of the instrument. “Mek It Burn” evokes everything from Sabbath to Slayer with a dingy, evil march, and the bass on “Gravy and Blood” groans from the deepest depths of hell while the viola takes the lead melody — if you can call it that. “Swarm,” one of the album’s best tracks, has the spiraling intensity of a Sonic Youth feedback jam and even layers in some indiscernible hardcore vocals. Turning It Down Since 2001 won’t sound particularly kind to unassuming listeners, but it is a fine entry into the canon that crosses metal, hardcore, and experimental noise.

Label: Load Records / Load 044
Artist: Noxagt
Medium: CD
Category: .


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