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Valie Export - Die Praxis der Liebe

Part thriller and part experimental fantasy, this first feature-length film by director Waltraud Hollinger (aka Valie Export) concerns a journalist who becomes embroiled in a murder case through one of her two current lovers. When Judith is sent to investigate the peep-show business in Hamburg, she runs into the psychiatrist Dr. Alphons Schlogel, a former boyfriend who is now a part of a lucrative but illicit gun-running operation. Even though she is already involved with another married psychiatrist, Judith renews her relationship with Alphons. There may be a reason for these two psychiatrists in her life — Judith has a tendency to garble fantasy and reality together, a trait that could leave the audience slightly confused as well. When Alphons’ partner is murdered, Judith is drawn into the case and may be facing more than she can handle.

Label: HOANZL/filmarchiv austria / EDITION STANDARD 13
Artist: Valie Export
Medium: DVD
Category: .


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