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Johan Kugelberg - Brad Pitt’s Dog

Writer, curator and Chain Gang aficionado Johan Kugelberg is on a mission to establish the true roots of hip hop, punk, fame and its friends, in a very laid-back kind of way. From years of research, Kugelberg has managed to collate the scattered remains of an original movement, long forgotten. This avid chronicler writes books using unpublished street flyers, basement Polaroids and testimonials from influential figures such as Tony Tone, LA Sunshine, and Charlie Chase. Kugelberg now spends his time curating gallery Boo-Hooray in the heart of New York. His latest venture published by Zero Books, Brad Pitt’s Dog is a feverish attempt to challenge the public on concepts of fame, death and punk. With a sequel already in the pipeline, prepare to take on some counter-culture anarchy.

Publisher: Zero Books / ISBN 1780995024
Medium: Book


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