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Joji Iida - Another Heaven

Another Heaven, a Japanese supernatural crime drama directed by Joji Iida (director of Rasen, the first Ringu sequel), begins with cops on the scene of a bizarre homicide. A young man has been killed, his neck snapped, and there is a stew cooking on the stove. When a young detective, Manabu (Yosuke Eguchi), arrives on the scene, he quickly discovers that the corpse’s brain is missing, and before long, the horrified policemen realize where the brain is. Before long, more brainless victims turn up, with their brains cooking nearby, and it becomes clear to Manabu and his grizzled older colleague (Yoshio Harada) that they have a culinary-inclined serial killer on their hands.

Label: MO Asia / MOAD 019
Artist: Joji Iida
Medium: DVD
Categories: , .


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