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Various Authors - Anna Kournikova Deleted by Memeright Trusted System

Subtitled ‘Art in the Age of Intellectual Property’, and published as part of the Arbeit (Labour) 2.0 exhibition in Dortmund, the book explores the question of art in the age of mechanical reproduction positioning itself differently in a post-Fordist era permeated with digital networks than in Fordist, analogue times to which Walter Benjamin has referred. Artistic techniques like cut-up, sampling, détournement, appropriation, copying, remixing, plagiarism, and repetition are employed.. With contributions by Inke Arns, Martin Conrads, Florian Cramer, Negativland and Tim Maloney, Walter Benjamin, Laibach and Novi Kolektivisem, Der Plan and John Heartfield. English and German text.

Publisher: HMKV / ISBN 3941100262
Medium: Book


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