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The Wire - # 415

In this issue:

Low: Over 20 plus years Low have established themselves as unique song stylists. But what drove the trio to bury their songs beneath layers of electronics on their latest album Double Negative? By Abi Bliss

Music And Mental Health: An innovative new project in South West England aims to help residential patients articulate their ideas of freedom through experimental approaches to sound. By Trevor Barre

Klaus Schulze: As a member of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel and Cosmic Jokers, and most crucially as a solo artist, the German synthesist has helped shape the sound of electronic music. By Phil Freeman

Sarah Kenchington: The Scottish inventor and musician makes good use of her found objects. By Claire Sawers

Fauxe: The Singapore rhythm master finds heat in cultural friction with Malaysia. By Josh Feola

Tengger: The pan-Asian duo traverse meditative synthesized vistas. By Clive Bell

Makaya McCraven: The Chicago percussionist plays cut ’n’ paste with time ’n’ space. By Phil Freeman

Global Ear: Northern Egypt: A rave on the beach holds hidden gems from Cairo’s underground. By Maha ElNabawi

Invisible Jukebox: Oliver Coates: Will the cellist and composer bow before the The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Stewart Smith

The Inner Sleeve: The Tapeworm’s Philip Marshall on Peter Gabriel’s Big Time

Epiphanies: Poulomi Desai sails her own personal ocean of sound

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Sami Sänpäkkilä’s The Goodiepal Equation

On Site: Recent art events: Orgasmic Streaming Organic Gardening Electroculture, London, UK; AvantWhatever, Melbourne, Australia

Print Run: New music books: Wayne Kramer’s life in rebel rock, the story of electronic music, video games and classical music, European folk, and more

On Location: Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Bastard Assignments, Supersonic, SEED Ensemble, Feldman At Sunrise, and more

Plus many more record reviews…


Publisher: The Wire / 415
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine
Tag: .


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