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Very Nearly Almost - #14

Sickboy! Greatly admired at VNA for his iconic, brightly coloured ‘temple’ work
eschewing love, positivity and inclusion. Furthermore Mysterious Al, one of the original ‘street artists’, in candid conversation about founding “Finders Keepers” crew and his amazing show at London’s
Stolenspace Gallery. Other interviews are with Doze Green, ‘urban warrior’ and founding member of the Rock Steady Crew, Evan Hecox, rising Portuguese artist Pedro Matos, Reka, Chris Stain and
the amusingly monikered Dick Chicken. If you think tagging
the streets takes guts, they have nothing on Russian art collective,
Voina, who discussed art, Russia and exactly how insane/angry you
have to be to turn a drawbridge into a 65m. tall penis.

Publisher: Very Nearly Almost / 14
Medium: Magazine


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