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WORM Horspil - K7-1

This was the first edition on cassette tape of WORM’s Horspil series. Great package design by Studio Eyesberg,  mounting the tape inside a VHS box!

Side A: (Dutch language) “Geheimhouding van het Gepasseerde” (38’54”) by Saskia de Jong, Henk Bakker and Lukas Simonis. Poet Saskia de Jong made the text, which is a reversed/warped version of Marinetti’s Futurist Manifest. Her rendition is accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack composed of gamelan music, field recordings and voices sometimes echoeing her words. Nice detail: the gamelan parts are performed by Ensemble Gending, which may be the only gamelan ensemble in The Netherlands playing avant-garde compositions.

Side B: (Dutch language) “Geluidhuiden” (28’37”) is slightly more serious soundwise, which is probably thanks to the wonderful Yannis Kyriakides. Soundscapes, Saskia’s voice sometimes clear, sometimes muffled and filtered, and meaningful silences make this a sonorous, immersive audioplay. It is inspired by ventriloquism and liner notes describe it as: “A stripped Beckett meets a dressed-up Merzbow.”


mrow : )

Label: WORM.records / K7-1
Artist: WORM Horspil
Medium: Music Cassette
Category: .


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