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The Wire - # 448

Inside this issue:

Van Der Graaf Generator: Ahead of a major retrospective box set and with a new tour on the horizon, Emily Bick speaks to the dark magi of UK progressive rock, led by the indefatigable Peter Hammill. Plus: The Primer: Mike Barnes essays a user’s guide to the recordings of the band and their offshoots.

Loraine James: A new album from the UK producer reflects the strain of isolation and the artistic benefits of an open mind. By Stephanie Phillips

Invisible Jukebox: Sarah Gail Brand × Mark Sanders: The trombonist and drummer duo test each other with a mystery record selection

Dalibor Cruz: The Honduran-American producer hits the hardware. By Joe Muggs

Mesías Maiguashca: The Ecuadorean concrètist recalls a life in sound and music. By Joshua Minsoo Kim

Chunyang Yao: Naxi composer unites word, sound and dance. By Josh Feola

Omar El Sadek: Vivid city collages from the Prague based Egyptian artist. By Miloš Hroch

Unlimited Editions: Glistening Examples

Unofficial Channels: Keygen music

Global Ear: Independence and experimentation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. By James Gui

The Inner Sleeve: Squarepusher on The Mothers Of Invention’s Burnt Weeny Sandwich

Epiphanies: Han-earl Park gets amped up

Print Run: New music books: Cuban cover art, a little Licht reading, Pacific Northwest metal, gender ventriloquism, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Qwest TV

On Site: Recent art shows: Remind Me Tomorrow, Cory Arcangel

On Location: Recent live events and streams: Borealis 2021, Brilliant Corners, Éliane Radigue, Steve Gunn, and more

Plus loads of reviews of new records and re-issues.

Publisher: The Wire
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine


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