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The Wire - # 441

This issue includes the widely praised Tapper CD compilation with cherry-picks from exciting and upcoming musicians.

William Basinski: The rock ’n’ roll animal of ambient music talks disintegration, memory, punk and process as he prepares to release an elegiac new album. By Dan Barrow

Limpe Fuchs: For 50 years, the German self-made instrumentalist and improvisor has been building new worlds of sound out of unexpected objects. By Frances Morgan

Homeboy Sandman and friends: A plethora of interconnected personalities and projects in the US rap scene are looking inward, Homeboy Sandman’s new album Don’t Feed The Monster being the latest example. By Mosi Reeves

Invisible Jukebox: Thomas Fehlmann × Gudrun Gut:The first couple of German electronic music subject each other to The Wire’s mystery record selection

Petr Válek: The anarchic Czech turns junk into gold. By Miloš Hroch

Steph Richards: The US trumpeter is to be sniffed at. By Phil Freeman

Molchat Doma: The power of dour in Belarus. By Ilia Rogatchevski

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto: Japanese percussionist goes off beat. By James Hadfield

Unlimited Editions: Noa Records

Unofficial Channels: Sounds Of The Forest

Global Ear: Our regular column continues to report on music in the time of pandemic. This month: long distance collaborations, and New York street performances

The Inner Sleeve: Krust on Genesis’s The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Epiphanies: Eddie Prévost questions the controlling conventions of Western music after the revelations of bebop and improv

Plus, as usual, many many reviews of records, books, films, exhibitions and events.

Publisher: The Wire / 441 + Tapper
Author: The Wire
Medium: Magazine


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