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Avarus - Vesikansi

49 minutes of gooey new goodness from Avarus – spread over just three tracks. In the last year, Finland’s experimental underground has successfully overtaken the freak music world, and for damn good reasons. From the same tattered coven of piss drinkers who alternately refer to themselves (depending on who shows up to record) as Kemialliset Yst?v?t, Lau Nau, Pylon, Islaja, Es, Kiila or the Anaksimandros comes this, another Secret Eye release from the mighty Avarus – a follow-up to last year’s J?ttil?isrotta. These fumbling Finns conjure a smoky, shit-drunk forest of noise, folk and unsurpassable tribal improv. Features guest vocals and casio from Tara Burke (AKA Fursaxa) recorded live in Ireland.

Label: Lal Lal Lal / #22 / Secret Eye AB-OC-25
Artist: Avarus
Medium: CD
Category: .


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