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The Void* - Values

The Void* (pronounced: The Void Pointers) operate in that intriguing field where the heritage of synth-rock slash progressive rock is celebrated as well as the more ambient side of electronic music and drones. The trio (Roald van Dillewijn, Eric Magnée and Tijs Ham) developed their own sound through several years, partly using self-built instruments.
6 tracks and a wonderful cover, where the inner sleeve was silkscreen printed and the outer one made with parts cut out by laser, at STEIM, Amsterdam.

1. Function 06:35
2. D BI DI F 04:35
3. Memcpy 07:25
4. Abstract 03:52
5. E AB EF B 05:26
6. Dereference 07:46

Label: esc.rec
Artist: The Void*
Medium: LP
Category: .


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