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Adbusters - UK Edition # 137

The Spiritual Meaning Issue takes a run through the forest of the modern world – movements rise up like trees, hashtags flutter a lá leaves in the wind.

#MeToo. #TimesUp. #NeverAgain.

The prevailing world order is like a bad movie: an international cockfight shadowing global tragedies in the Americas, the Middle East, you name it. How does this end?

The age of revolution is upon us like never before, and the urgency presses on the shoulders of the current generation. There is raw potential power in the digital age — if we can figure it out. This issue of Adbusters navigates the future of romance, sex, feminism, love, in the continuing momentum of #MeToo; it reimagines a new world, stripped of thousands of years of learned culture that no longer serves us. The Spiritual Meaning Issue is a call to arms for our generation of designers and renegades and punks. Who are we? What legacy will we build? How will the future remember us? Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials… Are we Generation Fuck It All? It’s up to us to decide…

Fuck Capitalism. Fuck Climate Change. Fuck the Status Quo. Our only choice is to succumb, or to flip the world on its head …


Publisher: Adbusters / 137
Author: Adbusters
Medium: Magazine


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