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Todd Barton / Curtis Roads - Split

Two senior American composers of electronic music back-to-back on a cassette.. a small miracle come true thanks to the enigmatic Neko Rekords in Finland.
Side A has two pieces composed by Barton on the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box in 2015.
Side B is one long work by Roads, made 2010-2915, for which he returned to old analog equipment like “.. a Krohn-Hite 5300A function generator fed through a Krohn-Hite 3550 filter, recorded on a Studer A807 tape recorder with a continuously variable speed control. The source material was processed by tape echo feedback […] The result is a cascade of echoes, the spacing of which depends on the speed of the tape recorder, which I am continuously varying”

It’s lovely how Roads, despite his great experience, writes:

“The focus of ‘Then’ is the contrast between continuous undulations (in space pitch, bandwidth, amplitude, and phase) and discrete pulses. I have never before assembled a piece entirely out of such materials, so I had to approach this work with beginner’s mind. It was not a matter of knowing what to do, but rather of being open to possibility and discovery”.

Side A:
1. Todd Barton: Intersections (14:14)
2. Todd Barton: Evolvings (05:41)
Side B:
Curtis Roads: Then (16:22)

Pictures below:   top: Todd Barton / bottom: Curtis Roads

Label: Neko Rekords / NEKO-28
Medium: Music Cassette
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