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Trouble vs. Glue - This Age

This killer duo makes fuzzy punky pop, which is often infectiously danceable with drums, guitars, synths, microphones and a bunch of other machines tamed into slavery. No pre-recorded stuff with these two and they somehow manage to sound like a mini no wave orchestra by playing a pile of instruments in a seemingly impossible frenzy.
The members are Lady Maru of Dada Swing, Cascao & Lady Maru, Le Truc Und Die Maschine, and Toni Cutrone of Hiroshima Rocks Around, Mai Mai Mai and the legendary NO=FI Recordings label.
Music blog 20 Jazz Funk Greats described them as follows:
“Trouble Vs. Glue have the shake, rattle and stomp, the boy-girl shout and response, the Pynchonian collision between rockets and bongos, the synthesiser workouts arrived from an alternative universe where Bell Labs decided to invest in disinformation theory…”

100 copies were made of this yellow and black tape with black body printing, all artwork designed by Peter Larsson.

Label: oma333 / no.030
Medium: Music Cassette
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