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Domietta Torlasco - The Heretical Archive – Digital Memory at the End of Film

Scholarly work (2013) combining philosophy, psychoanalysis and film-studies by a professor of French and Italian, Domietta Torlasco. In four chapters the author discusses how contemporary digital artworks are changing our memories of film and our understanding of the cinematic and psychoanalytic archives. Each of the four chapters begins by directly addressing Derrida’s theses on the Freudian legacy and then reorganizes itself around specific audiovisual interventions. Analyzing the works of Sophie Calle (Appointment), Monica Bonvicini (Destroy She Said), Agnes Varda (The Gleaners and I), Pierre Huyghe (L’ellipse), Chris Marker (CD-ROM Immemory) and Marco Poloni (The Desert Room), Torlasco searches for answers to questions like what are the consequences of cinema’s simultaneous persistence and disappearance amid the new technologies of vision ? How is forgetfulness woven into the texture of perception ? What does it mean to archive otherwise (as coined by Derrida) in the self-differing world of perception ?

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press / ISBN: 978-0-8166-8110-5
Medium: Book


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