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Frans Zwartjes - The Great Cinema Magician

Frans Zwartjes (Alkmaar, 1927) is a film maker, musician, violin builder, draughtsman, painter and sculptor. In the late sixties he caused a furore with artistic, black-and-white films in which heavily made-up and over-dressed actors are caught in a web of sexually loaded power games; hysteria, psychosis and cruelty are among his standard themes. The oeuvre of Zwartjes, once called ‘the most important experimental film maker of his time’ by the American essayist Susan Sontag, includes over fifty films. Pentimento (1979), Living (1971) and In Extremo (1981) are among the best known. Also included is a documentary from the Dutch director Ruud Monster who portrays Zwartjes as a strong-willed artist.

Label: Filmmuseum / ISBN 978-905939314-1
Medium: 2DVD
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