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Yannis Kyriakides - Subvoice

Subvoice is a collection of 9 recent works for various ensembles, representing an investigation into ideas of voice and language. The music is built on traces of voices and texts that seem to speak or sing in an intimate form of dialogue, either as text that is directly encoded into music, or in traces of voice that are embedded and dissolved into the musical fabric.

Two of the works in the collection have received prizes, Words and Song Without Words won the International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) Prize in 2014, and Paramyth won the BUMA Toonzetters Prize in 2011.

The hard cover sleeve is designed by Isabelle Vigier who is also responsible for the original illustrations in the 44 pages book of liner notes and texts by Yannis Kyriakides himself.

These 9 experiments – possibilities, if you will – merge socio-political concreteness and poetry of the untold via soft-spoken hallucinations imbued with touching profundity.

1. Words and Song Without Words
for cello and computer   09:58
2. Paramyth
for violin, clarinet, piano and computer   15:54
3. Toponymy
for string quartet and computer  12:43
4. Music for Viola    11:53
5. Circadian Surveillance
for percussion and computers   24:05
6. Der Komponist
for orchestra and computer   22:08
7. Testudo
for contrabass, transducers and computers   12:51
8. Politicus (Dawn in the Giardini)
for prepared disklavier   14:05
9. Oneiricon
for ensemble and computers   25:03

Label: Unsounds / 57U
Medium: 2CD
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