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Murmer - Songs For Forgetting

North American sound and radio artist Patrick McGinley (AKA murmer) is based in Europe and works with found sounds, micro sounds and found objects. For this album McGinley collected sounds in different parts of Europe, like a sand timer recorded in Cologne, Germany. Rain dripping through cannons of the Soviet era in the small village of Tóravere in Estonia. Daytime fireworks in Valencia, Spain; a pebble beach in Étretat, France; underwater life on a branch of the Andelle river in Perruel, France; the rain gutters on his house in Põlgaste, Estonia; the squeaking and trampling of an ant colony in the island of Kemiö, Finland.
The fourth and last piece is something entirely different, and, according to Frans de Waard (Vital review), “.. breaks down the carefully constructed mood and as such it didn’t work out for me too well. I rather would have another one of those more carefully built sonic constructions, but with 3/4 of the record being absolutely great, who am I to complain?”


The inner and outer cover are quite special.. designed by Vahram Muradyan. “Using elements from my own collection of found objects and detritus, which are printed and embossed on sleeves made for us by the Räpina Paper Factory, here in southeast Estonia, using 100% additive-free recycled fibre: the front image is a reproduction of a leaf skeleton that I have had for some years – I can’t remember exactly where or when I found it, but I believe it is an aspen leaf from an Estonian forest. I have fond memories of recording aspen leaves in these forests, as they tremble in the wind. The maple and grape leaves that denote sides A and B of the vinyl were collected for their colors while traveling in France one autumn. The writing on the inner sleeve comes from one of several old school notebooks found in a mill ruin near my home, water-damaged and sun-faded, and mostly illegible. These notebooks make me think of memory and its loss, the fading away of the past. Included with the physical version is an original fragment of one of these notebooks.”(McGinley)

Label: Gruenrekorder / Gruen 172
Artist: Murmer
Medium: LP
Category: .


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